This article is for the purpose of passing information to those persons interested in how I constructed my flyback transformer. Any one wishing to verify this information should be qualified in safety regarding working with high voltage; construction and material hazard safety and assuming full responsibility for their safety.
High Voltage Flyback Transformer Construction
by Vaughn P. McDowell
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Transformer Example # 27-sep-99a (Note that the transformer used in this PS is labeled:  4 Oct 99 and is not an exact copy)
Taken from my notes: "Latest HV Power Supply ................."     14 Feb. 01a
Info from notebook 4 Oct. 99:
 - ferrite from computer PS transformer (no markings on core). .. Appears to be type 3E8
 - primary 10T => 20 gauge
 - secondary 210T => 28 gauge
 - core
E core  top view
Side View
Gap set by one viewgraph sheet thickness
Typically have 40 - to - 43 T per layer & 5 layers to get ~ 210T for the secondary

Many of the ferrite cores experimented with were obtained from PC switching PS. This involved removing the core from the winding which is very difficult to do.  Consequently various transformers were constructed having various core size.
 - Another physical example (ferrite from PC switching PS):