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TYPE 2J55\ 3 Stage Marx PFN Pulse Modulator
Brief notes: construction layout  PDF
Experimental Setup (see also Pulse M odulator  3  ); using the same magnetron mount ; pulse transformer not used
MarxPFN modified with a trigger transformer (construction)
HV Pulse OUT connects to 2J55 cathode
DIY Current viewing transformer
Note: pulse transformer is NOT connected
Current viewing transformer
HV probe\ monitor magnetron cathode
Front View
DSO in screen box
Pulsed magnetron current (12 AMPs);Current viewing transformer
Pulsed cathode voltage; HV probe
Pulsed cathode voltage; HV probe
2J55 purchased from Ebay
2J55 purchased from Ebay
RF envelope of magnetron output using a 1N23 microwave crystal detector
DIY 6.3 vac 2J55 heater transformer; constructed from a small microwave oven transformer; winding removed; replaced with 300turns # 22 magnet wire (black winding above) and about 16 turns # 18 well insulated (white above)
Note tha the secondary output is shunted with four  Panasonic 3KV 2700pF ceramic capacitors in parallel
Neon bulb RF excited (see video A)
See video of Marx in operation; note that the sparks are barely visible for 1K ohm impedance
See video of pulse to pulse repitition smoothness